About Us

Sunset Rides and Tours (formerly Majestic Beauties) is a small riding stable located near the southern end of the island of Grand Turk.


It was started in the  early 90's by two friends  Menelik Astwood (myself) and John Virgil who met and started a friendship when we both became horse owners in the early 90's. We have been riding together and caring for horses since then.


Today almost 2 decades later we are still riding together and caring for these animals.  All of our horses are "Island Horses/Ponies" native to these islands and have ancestral roots dating as far back as the 15th century.


Most of our horses are "second chance" horses. Horses that were neglected and abandoned by their owners and have been loved and cared for, and given a second chance at life and a second chance to bring pleasure, happiness, and joy to the lives of others.


"When a small guy doesn't know he's a small guy, he can do big and mighty things."


Although smaller in size, these "Island Horses" have the hearts of giants while at the same time being as gentle as lambs.


We currently offer horseback rides to cruise passengers, other tourists and visitors, and any other persons desirous of riding a horse on the island of Grand Turk.



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